1 July, 2015. Payment systems in the energy sector

Hauke Peters: “Payment systems as a strategic factor of the value chain”


Payment methods are more than just one component of business. Payment methods, especially in the mass customer market, are a substantial element of customer loyalty and product qualities. This particularly applies to media-based payment systems of web 2.0, but many, especially elderly customers, choose products in the energy market based on the possibility to pay in cash or by bank transfer. Thus, payment methods in the energy sector are, similar to any other product, target group specific. They are a sometimes visible, and sometimes invisible contact to the customer.


“Payment systems as a strategic factor of the value chain”

Consumer behaviour has significantly changed in the past years, when so called „platforms“ have gained more and more significance. They create values via the structure of the business model and the commercialisation of the scope. In the past, payment systems were highly standardised, whereas nowadays, thanks to mobile payment systems and increasing digitalisation, these standards are progressively being forced to break up.

What exactly will make successful and future-proof products „unique“? What will change for banks? Which role will the customer play in the future? What will the current changes means for the players in the energy market?

These and many other questions will be discussed with you during the conference and later. Feel free to contact us.

Hauke Peters

Hauke Peters

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