13 May 2015. Financial Service Providers of the next generation

Hauke Peters/ Jens Kohnen: “Mobility Service Providers as next generation’s financial institutions”


The internet as well as the ongoing digital revolution transform society and economy in an unparalleled dimension. The financial industry is no exception and currently faces drastic challenges: suppliers push retail markets with innovative (onlin-)services and thus provide new stimuli to traditional business segments. Hitherto unfulfilled customer expectations are being satisfied, whilst they trigger even new desires at the same time. Buzzwords such as Social Banking, Mobile Payment, Personal Finance Management and Crowdfunding represent this evolution. Established payment service providers are now facing the strategic question which innovation will ultimately have a promising future and which path they want to follow in this demanding environment.



“Mobility Service Providers as next generation’s financial institutions”
The horizontal extension of the value chain, from transportation to the inclusion of value adds, provides substantial growth and revenue potential for mobility service providers. The utilisation of possibilities of the European regulatory frame provides these companies with the opportunity for transaction processing and financial services which previously were exclusively reserved for financial service providers.

Jens Kohnen and Hauke Peters will discuss the pros and cons of different mobility and service platforms as well as payment processes as a significant integral part of these offers.



Hauke Peters

Hauke Peters


Dr. Thede Consulting supports this conference as a sponsor because it provides a high level platform for the leading experts of innovative (online) service providers, banks, consulting companies and science to discuss new business models and adjustment processes, not only caused by the potential of the internet but also by the use of numerous different terminal devices which enable bank customers to communicate with their financial service providers in the future.

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