Apple Pay

An Apple marketing stunt or mobile payment’s key to market success?

Apple expanded their own ecosystem by integrating new partners and is now able to lead mobile payment to success.


As part of the product presentation for the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, Apple launched their brand-new mobile payment system „Apple Pay“. This has been developed as an „all new payment solution“ and is said to be ready for the mobile web as well as the stationary point-of-sale. From a technological point of view, the solution is based on an implemented Secure Element in combination with NFC.

Apple Pay will initially be launched in the US markets only, and will work with credit and debit cards of the three large credit card schemes and selected issuers. Renowned merchants and suppliers who accept Apple Pay upon market launch.


The introduction of Apple Pay puts the limelight of the mass market on mobile payment. The presented one-touch-checkout solution sets totally new standards for the customer experience, and also the security elements used seem to be adequate.

It can be assumed that the launch will fundamentally change the payment market. But in the short-term, the expected users will be limited to those with the newest generation of devices, to users in the US market only, and solely to purchases at stationary POS as Apple Pay does not yet work online. However, the payment solution indicates a pioneering technological and logical structure which is ready to face the challenges for global market success.


Can Apple succeed in setting new standards in the currently very heterogenous mobile payment market and with its „simplicity“ reach a significant customer acceptance in the long-term?

We are very much looking forward to the discussion with you.



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