Approach for adjustment of business models in Retail Banking to current trends and developments in the payment transactions environment


In order to be able to properly react to current changes in the payment transaction environment and to implement appropriate adjustments in payment transaction models as soon as possible, a bank-related service provider for payment transactions has put his business model on trial. This essential project  has the purpose to set the course for long-term adjustments in the model.


  • Analysis of current trends and developments in the German market, especially regarding the evolutions on demand side (customer requirements and behaviour) as well as supply side (trends in commerce)
  • Customer individual derivations and assessment of impacts on the business model
  • Review of regularory initiatives in the payment transaction environment and their potential implications on the credit institutions
  • Presentation of suitable business models of new providers in the payment transactions industry
  • Identification of potential starting-points and courses of action for a new business model
  • Implementation plan


Development of suitable approaches for transforming the payment transaction business towards a data driven business model. Based on this, we designed a platform solution which can support the client on the long-run, and can increase and enhance the value of existing customer relationships. Subsequently, we conducted individual workshops which enabled the client to individually implement the changes.