Product conception of a card-based financing solution for an international credit card scheme


Product conception and implementation preparation for a consumer financing solution for the clients of an international credit card scheme and their member banks in the DACH region (Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland).


  • Detailed analysis of the target market and the competitor situation as well as consumer and merchant requirements
  • Overview of current developments and trends in the consumer finance market and their implications on the credit card industry in the DACH region, incl. comparison of selected European markets by means of best practices
  • Derivation of key success factors and development of a usage-based value proposition for a card-based financing solution
  • Derivation and definition of core functionalities of the product incl. Additional extension levels
  • Preparation of the product concept incl. a description of the legal/ regulatory and technological requirements
  • Execution of comprehensive profitability analyses for member banks, the credit-card schemes themselves and acceptance partners
  • Development of a sales story for the member banks and an implementation guideline
  • Preparation and implementation of a roadshow for presentation to the member banks


The elaborate card-based financing solution was evaluated and implemented by numerous member banks.