Mobility Services

Payment as a crucial cost component

Requirements for mobility are currently changing. The stronger interconnection of consumers among each other, the growing demand for flexible ownership due to cost reduction and environmental considerations only describe one side of the influential factors for customer demands of the future. Due to this development, a new market is currently emerging: “Mobility Services”, i.e. the provision of services which are dedicated to take a person from one location to another. Already, there are numerous suppliers determined to successfully position themselves in the market with several specific business models. However, in the future it is to be expected that mobility services will be bundled up on platforms of few, principal providers who are keeping the customer relationship and arrange transport services or, alternatively, purchase these from external sources.

The value chain in mobility services is comparable to that of the e-/m-commerce market places:

The service offers range from the arrangement of own or third-party mobility services, the aggregation of and information on services and products all the way to booking, payment and the integration of value-added services.

Payment as one part of the mobility platform is a crucial success component. Invoicing, provision of payment methods and the risk and supplier management cause approx. 30% of the overall costs. The payment services providers have to meet very high requirements in the mobility services area. Smartphone compatibility is a prerogative for the customer experience, as well as permanent availability. The platform providers also expect additional services, such as payment guarantee, handling of dunning procedures, management of defaults etc. as an added value for the mobility services.

For companies, several revenue models of mobility platforms are possible. We support our clients in prioritising the fields of action and derive profitable business models. In particular, the optimisation of existing processes and the analysis of payment methods can have considerable influence on the increase in value and financial sustainability of the mobility platform.

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