Reveal and sustainably benefit from optimisation potential

In the supermarket, at the gas station, shopping online – day-to-day, millions of payment transactions are being carried out, in cash, by card or alternative payment solutions such as Paypal, or recently via smartphone. But the payment transaction industry as we know it is changing, existing business models of the banks are facing new challenges: in addition to the (ongoing) technological developments, the consumer behaviour and the requirements of the merchants are changing in ever shorter periods of time. Moreover, regulatory framework conditions are tightening and the competition of “new” players from the Fintech-industry is increasing.

Since more than 20 years, we work on the strategically important topics in the payment industry and thereby support our clients in concentrating on the crucial issues in a continuously changing market environment – in order to ensure long-term success and profit from trends and developments.

Our project and market experience is being used by a multitude of established and new market players in the payment transaction industry. Together with banks, acquirers, network providers, processors, payment service providers (PSP), MNOs and mobility service providers we developed concepts and strategies, and successfully implemented these in the market. We also focus on initiating market-driven organisational adjustments, providing support for the realisation as well as making the business processes transparent and, subsequently optimising them.

Below, we give you an insight into our competence areas:

STRATEGY. Together with you, we create ideas on how you can sustainably maintain or rather succeed in a competitive market. With our profound market knowledge we can help you to detect those trends which are important for your business model. In cooperative project work we develop strategies and concepts to enable you to secure your current market position and open up further potential. In doing so, we put special emphasis on the identification and the further expansion of existing strengths, but also on the development of those competencies important for meeting new success factors in the growing markets. We are there to help you to improve your results in the payment transaction business by optimising your product and communication strategies or identifying potential growth areas in the payment market.

EFFICIENCY INCREASE. In times of declining profits, an even stricter cost management is an imperative component of the strategy for all established market participants. As a result, the various possibilities of obtaining third-party services cheaper or differently have to be constantly evaluated (tender or RfP processes). But also the internal structures and processes have to be examined closely. We possess valuable relevant experience both in the preparation and implementation of tender processes, and also in the organisation of internal optimisation projects and gladly insert these into joint projects. We will execute respective projects in cooperation with you all the way to the successful realisation.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MARKET LAUNCH. Crucial for the success of new products are both the acceptance of the target audience and the building up of a powerful distribution. Only those players can generate the anticipated success who can adapt their products to the rapidly growing demands of customers and merchants, and who can successfully beat their competitors by smartly positioning these in the markets. Especially when competing against financially strong Fintech start-ups, even established financial institutions need the guts to give new ideas a try, but also they need a very good understanding of the market in order to invest their given resources as wisely as possible. This means that the implementation of concise product development and decision processes are manadatory in order to be able to quickly respond to trends and market developments which may affect their business model and ultimately participate in market growth. With our up-to-date market and trend analyses and our project experience we are prepared to support you to lay down the right tracks for your future.

MARKETING AND SALES. Internet users in Germany receive approximately 250 emails per week. In addition to these, they receive print mailings and sales calls, watch tv spots, and are being directly approached in shopping malls, at train stations, at their front door and recently also on their smartphone in the form of Beacons or push-messages. The consumer has to select. We are able to tell you what your customer considers important and what useless. We help you to be seen and heard by your customer, we carry out detailed consumer demand analyses, we plan user-oriented marketing campaigns (B2B or B2C) and even open up all new customer markets for you.

REGULATION. The regulatory density in the financial services industry has increased considerably in the past years. This trend has, especially in the payment transaction business, brought on profound changes. You are facing the strategic, organisational or technical implementation of these requirements? Then entrust us as your powerful and experienced partner in this sensitive environment. The timely implementation of legal specifications even under time pressure is one of our core competencies in which we can support you to organise and execute information and training sessions.

TECHNOLOGY AND MIGRATION. No matter if you are planning a rolling or a full card replacement, a tranch-migration or parallel operation – the most important aspect for a migration is the smooth process from both, the technical perspective and also from the customer’s viewpoint. We support our clients along all steps of this process, from the draft of various scenarios, the decision which system is the right one in this particular case, the development and ongoing monitoring of the detailed project plan, the integration and continuous coordination of all project participants and finally, the overall management and step-by-step implementation of all measures planned. We have also managed and successfully completed migration processes for very large clients – even on a long-term basis.

MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATION. Due to our long-standing experience in restructuring and the organisation of projects, we are in a position to permanently contribute to your optimisation of processes and the transformation or reorganisation of your management organisation. Very often, organisational renewals can release new energies as current, ‘old’, structures interfere with making use of growth potential. Challenge us. We look forward to approaching your change processes together with you.

If you are looking for a consultant with a comprehensive knowledge on the topic “payment”, we are the right partner for you. With a bird’s eye view, we analyse the interaction between all market players and evaluate it from our client’s point of view. At the same time we look back on our experience from way over 100 projects and therefore have deep insight into all various topics which gurantees a very prompt project start as well as an efficient project execution with short lead times.

Discuss the market trends with us and find out how we can support you with your projects and challenges.